The Tower


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Region: free

Plattform: Steam

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The Tower returns, re-envisioned and remastered for 2015!

Experience an authentic and emotional survival horror tale, of what remains of a man once his humanity has been stripped away.

Powered by a brand new Next Generation engine, explore and feel The Tower’s terrifying corridors as Elliot, a man imprisoned within England’s most feared hold during the 11th Century.


+ Totally remastered for 2015. Unity 5 brings the horrors of The Tower’s hell to life in stunning, visceral clarity

+ Frequent episodic content enriches the world of The Tower and continues Elliot’s struggle with insanity at every turn

+ Fear not only the creeping dark, but the cold embrace of death. The Tower features an unforgiving and permanent death system

+ Upcoming Oculus Rift® support surrounds you with The Tower’s horrors, bringing the intensity to life


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