Warring States


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Warring States Tactics is a turn-based battle strategy game set during the Warring States period of Ancient China. The Warring States period is one of turmoil in China, where various feudal states struggle for control of all of China. Lead the forces of Qin through numerous historically-based missions as they challenge the other states for supremacy.

The story is told between missions as dialogue cutscenes using beautifully drawn character portaits; as well as in game dialogue relevant to the battle at hand.

Also included is a fully composed soundtrack, which really helps bring the feeling of Ancient China to the game’s atmosphere.


  • Single player campaign
  • Online and Local Multiplayer: Point-buy battles
  • Turn-based (IGOUGO) battles
  • Special Moves paid for by tactical points earned for making positive tactical decisions
  • Original soundtrack
  • Hexagon tiles
  • Tactical combat (flanking, spear wall, terrain,…)
  • Siege Warfare: Assault castle walls with numerous siege engines
  • No Building: Focus entirely on the combat, and tactical choices


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